The most sincere condolences to Orel Pavel’s family and WAKO Ukraine…

November 14, 2014

It is with a deep regret that I have to inform our members that WAKO Ukraine President, Mr. Orel Pavel, has passed away. A really inspiring and visible character in our sport is gone and we will miss him deeply during our next Eu ropean Championship. Under his leadership Ukraine have become a strong federation with many great fighters and champions and I know this will be a difficult time for their federation even though I know WAKO Ukraine have a sustainable organization to continue to develop in to the future.

Mr. Pavel has devoted his life to our sport for over 30 years and has served as President in WAKO Ukraine since 1993 and on behalf of WAKO I thank him deeply for his contribution to develop Kickboxing.

Mr. Pavel was 75 years of age. My deepest condolences are sent to his family, friends and our great colleagues in WAKO Ukraine and the many people in WAKO being his personal friend.

Orel, thank you for what you did for us, we will miss you.

Espen Lund
Acting President WAKO

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