Three days of Kickboxing Earthquake

May 25, 2017

This year edition of Hungarian kickboxing World Cup was a total earthquake of kickboxing during three days of the competition.

Fantastic venue reserved only for tatami and separate hotel hall with three rings gave a full joy for participants as well as the audience, offering them to choose which part of the competition will join in.

The whole three days were fulfilled with the schedule knowing that there was a record of 2692 entries of 1447 participants of all ages from beginners, juniors to seniors, female and male, from 249 clubs from 38 nations from WAKO Africa, WAKO Asia, WAKO America and WAKO Europe.

The most numerous team was Hungarian, with 719 participants from 49 kickboxing clubs. There we had Italy with 213 participants from 21 club, Ukraine with 155 participants, Bulgaria with 143 participants, Austria with 125, the United Kingdom with 117, Greece with 108, Poland with 103, and Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Russian Federation with almost a 100 participants per a team. WAKO can be proud with these great numbers.

As always, the toughest concurrency with the numerous number of fighters was in the following categories:

– Point fighting grand champion senior male: total 32 fighters
– Point fighting grand champion senior female: 23 fighters
– PF younger cadets male -37 kg: 31 fighter
– PF older cadets male -63kg: 24 fighter
– PF junior male -63kg: 21 fighters
– PF senior male -74kg: 24 fighters

– Light contact younger cadets male -37kg: 20 fighters

– Kick light younger cadets male -37kg: 20 fighters
– Kixk Light older cadets male -52kg: 20 fighters

– K1 senior male -81kg: 14 fighters .

It can be said that gold medal of the winners of these categories is the medal with the strongest shine. The best five nations were: Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland and the Czech Republic.
Ranking of the three best clubs is:

1. Kiralyteam Kickboxing Academy
2. Kickboxing zveza Slovenie
3. HMD Italy

Interesting fact is that WAKO Guatemala team was present at the Cup with 25 competitors and won second place in point fighting older cadets team fight, Letona Enrike won gold medal in point fighting older cadets male -69kg and bronze medal in point fighting grand champion, Mendez Rafael won silver medal in point fighting younger cadets male -37 kg and gold medal in point fighting younger cadets white and yellow -42kg, Garcia Nicholas won bronze in light contact older cadets male -57 kg, Garcia Andres won bronze in light contact senior male -69kg and bronze in kick light senior male -69 kg, Safieh Christopher won third place in lick light older cadets male -47 kg.
Congratulations WAKO Guatemala, for a great success of its young team!
Don’t forget that the shortest distance from Guatemala to Budapest (bird fly) is 10,228 km= 6,355

The best point fighting team junior is CSKA Moscow (Russia), the best PF team younger cadets are a Debretzeni team (Hungary), the best PF older cadets team is HMD 1 (Italy), the best point fighting team senior is Kiralyteam (Hungary).

Grand champion of Hungarian Cup 2017 in the junior male division is McGlinchey Conor (Ireland), in senior division is Veres Richard (Hungary). In female junior division the grand champion is Rossi Martina (Italy) and in the senior female division is Pantaleo Elena (Greece).

All results can be found online at:

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