To all WAKO members: message by Espen Lund – WAKO Acting President

April 22, 2013

Dear Kickboxing Friends,

WAKO is in a very special situation since our President, Ennio Falsoni is absent due to illness. It is therefore with split feelings yet with great pride I now try to assist in leading the WAKO organization in Mr. Falsoni’s absence. To fill Mr. Falsonis shoes is for sure a huge task and I can say from the bottom of my heart that we would all rather have him back than have to make necessary adjustments we are currently making under these unique circumstances. It is a huge job and responsibility and I am humbled by the challenges this position brings. Let me make it clear, as announced by our Standing Committee that this is just a temporary solution because we hope and pray for the immanent recovery and return of our President.

Until then, as “Pro Tempore” President I will make every effort to make the right priorities, the right decisions and involve as many as I possibly can in the process. I also want to emphasize that I have no intention or ambition to try to copy Mr. Falsoni nor to take his position in the Martial Art world. Mr. Falsoni has a long history and a wealth of knowledge and expertise as President and martial art specialist. However, I have worked very closely with Mr. Falsoni for many years and together with the team within the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors, along with the Headquarters in Milano, we will ensure a safe and diligent operation of the organization. Working together with the support of acting General Secretary, Barbara Falsoni will make a difference in the daily administrative work.

We will do our very best to focus on our priorities. 2013 is a very busy year of tournaments with the coming Asian Indoor Games in Korea, followed by our European Cadets and Juniors Championships in Poland, the Sportaccord World Combat Games in Russia and not to forget our two World Championships in Brazil and Turkey. Additionally we have our application for IOC recognition to be determined in May and our participation in the future World Games will also be decided. So, we need our strengths and combined efforts, working practically to be strong on the political and diplomatic field.

WAKO is as strong as ever in all continents. The activities increase, the quality rises and the dedication is at its best. The importance of loyalty and involvement is greater than ever. The environment in the kickboxing world is something I have always admired, and the teamwork cross boarders and cross cultures is something that has made us strong. As competitors in the sport field we are all colleagues and colleagues do what it takes to help and assist each other – no matter what! This is what makes sport so unique. We must keep on working, keep on involving and keep on caring. To develop, we need to walk the same path and in the same direction. We may meet obstacles long the way but we can overcome all hurdles, it is simply a matter of WILL. Instead of turning back or taking shortcuts, try to solve the challenges diplomatically and by being patient. Then we will succeed. Because together we are strong, because we love what we are doing – It’s called dedication!

What the present situation also tell us to live passionately and to live now, to take care of each other and to be thankful for what we have. Even though we feel strong life is after all fragile.

On behalf of the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors we will do our part of the job and we take for granted that you will do yours. To quote Sir Winston Churchill: “I never worry about action, but only about inaction”. It’s that easy!

In the spirit of our IOC application I dare to use their motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger). Let these words give energy to Mr. Falsoni and his family and let us pray for his soonest recovery.

At your service!

Espen Lund

Acting President WAKO

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