Today we celebrate the International Kickboxing Day!

November 30, 2021

The Sport of Kickboxing today promotes and encourages the development of understanding and respect between people and cultures.

The pandemic has materially affected our world in many ways. Many countries are continuing to face challenges, health and financial but also deep social crises, which can be reflected in all areas of life, and our sport too.

The global community has been challenged by the lack of activities for a long period of time, but WAKO has succeeded to maintain continuity in its activities, showing the strength of the community of the WAKO family worldwide.

Digitization enabled us great opportunities in education, where we gained access to an incredible number of people all around the world through WAKO seminars in all kickboxing disciplines. This is one of the very few positives the pandemic has thought us, the ability to connect remotely through various digital platforms.

Solidarity among our members was marked once again, where WAKO champions , officials and coaches were sharing their knowledge and experience mostly to our younger generation and to vulnerable communities, such as refugee camps in Jordan and Northern Iraq.

The credibility of our organization was proven once again with a record numbers of participating kickboxers registered at WAKO World seniors, European older cadets and juniors and many regional championships 2021. We are back in the fighting field stronger than ever and we will continue to grow and prosper within the Olympic family of sports.

Beside this, we will keep nurturing the sport of Kickboxing worldwide, focusing on the WAKO uniqueness in developing and promoting our seven disciplines, the promotion of our athletes, continuing to develop safe tournament environment and doping-clean sport. The education of our referees and officials is ensuring we have a safe playing field for every single athlete.

Congratulations to all WAKO members, I and my Board wish you Happy International Kickboxing Day, November 30.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful sport of ours.

Roy Baker,
WAKO President

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