Update: SportAccord WCG 2013

September 4, 2013

Dear Friends,

In relation to travel details for all IN QUOTA delegations for World Combat Games 2013 and their travel itinerary/plans.

WAKO have been consistently requesting the appropriate information from Sport Accord, to date we have not received this information, apart the fact that during this month of September they are going to send accreditation vouchers by DHL that will be useful for Inside Quota to pass the border without any problem.

In the interest of costs and to ensure appropriate travel time for your OUT OF QUOTA people, WAKO at this stage has no alternative but to recommend you to book your flights as soon as possible around the times you expect your in quota people to travel, taking into consideration that official weigh in will take place on October 19 th , so athletes will have necessarily to be there on that date, and everybody is free to leave on October 26 th , 2013 .

VERY IMPORTANT for Hotel accommodation :
Once booked your flight plan please confirm dates of arrival and departure for Hotel reservation of your OUTSIDE QUOTA people to

We assure you we are aware this is not perfect since your whole team would prefer travelling together, but we feel that the longer you wait, the more expensive your travels will be.

Respectfully Yours,

Roy Baker Barbara Falsoni

Technical Director WCG 2013 Accreditation Manager WCG 2013

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