Visit in Oslo of WAKO IF Acting President Mr Salim Kayici

April 10, 2015

Me and my predecessor, Mr. Espen Lund, got together in Oslo, Norway and had a meeting in the hedquarters of Norwegian National Olympic Committee in Ullevaal, Oslo. We also visited the Secretary General of the NOC, Mr. Inge Andersen.

During the meeting we reviewed the past and discussed the present and the future of WAKO and kickboxing. We evaluated the opportunities of WAKO and kickboxing with the IOC recognition, participation in the World Games, University Games, Military Games and the Mediterranean Games.

It was a very beneficial meeting and I thank my friend Mr. Espen Lund for his support and cooperation.

We will work together to accomplish our goals together in collaboration with all of our members, committees, athletes, referees and coaches in a family-like environment.
We believe in this and we want you to believe too!

Salim Kayici
WAKO IF Acting President

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