Wako African Kickboxing Federation – Alger (Algeria)

May 21, 2007

Alger (Algeria) just hosted the General Assembly of the African countries.
Alger, the capital of Algeria, hosted on last March 20-21, the African countries General Assembly which gathered there for the creation of the African Kickboxing Confederation.
Mr. Louali Mafoud, President of the Algerian Federation and host of the event, welcomed representatives from all over the continent and after two days of work, the Assembly ended voting unanimously the WAKO African Kickboxing Confederation.
All official kickboxing national federations are part of the Confederation today and it is a great step to develop our kickboxing even further in the black continent.
Good news from South Africa, where Mr. Pat Carney joined forces with Eddie and Paul Cave to have a united South African Kickboxing Federation.
WAKO welcomed in Algeria new members like Cameroun (Mr. Essissima is the president), Tunisia (Mr. Farhati Boubaker), Kenya (Mr. Willie Ng’Ang’A).In their countries, their respective national organizations are officially recognized by their Government Sport Authorities.
Namibia (Mr. Nicolas Kolbe), Sierra Leone (Mr. Joseph Kaneka), Madagascar (Mrs. Mirelle Pechard),Ghana (Mr. Michael K.Kena) had previously sent their proxies due to previous business commitments.
Africa have been divided in 7 zones and the Assembly have elected a representative in each of them.
Mr. Louali Mafoud was elected president of the Confederation (in the picture with our WAKO president Mr. Ennio Falsoni) and all representatives of African zones, as vice-presidents. The Confederation also have named a General Secretary and a Treasurer.
At the end, everyboyd were really happy about the achievement which will give us the opportunity to be in the next African Games (African countries have chosen to have only Full Contact in there), scheduled from 10th to 16th July 2007.
Ladies and gentlemen, the ball is really rolling: Africa is roaring!

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