WAKO ASIA lost a family member

March 4, 2013

Hossein Torkaman a member of WAKO ASIA and head coach of WAKO IRAN past away on March 1, 2013 at the age of 54 after fighting with his illness during last few months.

Hossein Torkaman was granted by WAKO (IF) board had the WAKO international 7th Degree Black Belt in October 2012 by recommendation of Nasser Nassiri the President of WAKO ASIA. The recognition of his work for development of Kickboxing sport in Asia in particular the West Asian Zones where he occupied the position of chairman of referee committee since 2006.

Hossein Torkaman occupied various positions in WAKO, WAKO Asia and WAKO Iran, during his 18 years activities and collaboration with WAKO. From Iran to Syria, to Moocow in 2000, Serbia 2001, Italy 2002, Kiev and Paris 2003, Hungary(Szeged) 2005, Belgrade 2007, Macau Asian Indoor Games 2007, Bangkok Asian martial Arts Games 2009, Macedonia 2011. Hossein last great job despite he was fighting with his illness was to coordinate WAKO Iran team training camp for 2012 WAKO Asian Championships in Pune/India.

Nasser Nassiri President of WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation and the President of WAKO Iran, declared: “Hossein was my friend, my partner in WAKO Iran for more than 18 years. Even though he was WAKO Iran acting general secretary, Hossein main job was as head of coach of WAKO Iran was being in charge of WAKO Iran national team coachs during the last 15 years for inside and outside of country competitions.”

Nassiri added: “Hossein left us with great memory, we will not forget him and he will always stay in our heart. We pray for him and sending our condolences to his family.”

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