June 11, 2010

Dear WAKO Presidents/National Anti Doping Officers

Here below you can find the appropriate information to be forwarded to your NADO (National Anti Doping Officer) and NADA (National Anti Doping Agency). It is very important that this information is distributed to your member organisation and all coaches international and national athletes within your association. Education is one of the primary objectives of the new Anti Doping Code and it is each associations responsibility to ensure its members are educated and informed about Anti Doping activity and rules and regulations. Please place this information on your web sites as soon as possible.

WAKO Anti Doping Rules WADA approved

2010 Athlete Guide

2010 Doping Control Leaflet

2010 Dangers of Doping Leaflet

Is is responsibility of the IF contact to ensure ALL SENIOR gold medalists are aware of his/her obligations under Anti Doping rules and protocol with WAKO and WADA.


Please note that if your fighter who is ranked Number 1 in a Continental Championships last year does not submit his/her Whereabouts Form below, he/she will automatically lose his/her seeding position at this year’s European Championships and next year’s Continental (World/Asian/Oceania/Americas etc..) Championships on ALL five continents.

ALL Senior Continental Champions ( Gold Medalists ONLY ) must fill in and submit the whereabouts form to Roy Baker as WAKO Director of Anti Doping at within 30th June 2010! If he/she is not registered by this date, they will AUTOMATICALLY lose their ranking for the following two years in ALL WAKO Championships on all five continents.

May-Dec 2010 Where abouts form WAKO

WAKO Where About Form Instructions

2010 WADA prohibited list
This should be distributed to your association AND national coaches as it details the prohibited list as of 1st Jan 2010. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse, it is responsibility both of the athlete and national federation to ensure awareness of his/its obligations under the code.

Draft 2011 WADA prohibited list for consultation 29-04-10

Explanatory Note_2011_List

For Atheletes who have to take medication.

WADA-WAKO TUE Guidelines 2010
This is an informative document around the TUE Process.

Roy Baker
WAKO Board Member
Director Anti Doping WAKO

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