WAKO Game Changers

November 9, 2020

WAKO GameChangers (WGC) is a new development concept in WAKO. It is established under the Athlete Corner umbrella, WAKO’s learn and share concept and it is built on the pillar to educate and develop future leaders in our sport. In addition, the concept is meant to improve the culture, to trigger the pride and curiosity among the WAKO youth and to act preventive.

The future generation is the asset to secure a sustainable development of WAKO as a whole. The WGC are designed as a management development program to learn about WAKO and international sport and the Olympic movement. It is also meant to strengthen good governance, transparency, integrity, involvement and communication. To support potential and future leaders in Sport.

We search for 6 male and 6 female ambassadors preferably between 20-30 years who are part of a WAKO national federation. It is positive that the applicant is an active or a former athlete with international participation for a number of years. The applicant needs to speak English and it is recommended that he/she has or has had academic background, most preferably in sport.

More about conditions and practical information at page 1 in the application form.

Please note that we only allow 1 application from each National Federation .

Please find below a letter from WAKO President and its related Application Form (in Word format) to be sent back by e-mail to within April 1st, 2021 .

The form has been modified with some clarifications dated 16.3.2021, especially about age of the applicant.

All information about the WAKO GameChangers (WGC) will at all time be put in this section.

Given the current conditions and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our work, WAKO reserves the right to modify the timeline in case of unexpected circumstances.

Kind regards,

WAKO Development Committee
Zsolt, Basel, Donato, Jason, Aslam, Andres, Tomaz, Kaan, Isabelle, Espen


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