WAKO GameChangers announcement

July 25, 2023

WAKO President Roy Baker is delighted to announce the successful applications to the WAKO GameChangers Leadership program.

This is the second edition of a global initiative, both I  and 1st VP Espen Lund are excited to see the Athletes develop and grow their capabilities in this strategic  program of leadership development within the sport of Kickboxing as we must always be looking for and developing capabilities, capacities and leaders succession planning.

The GameChangers is a special designed sport leadership program developed and executed by the world governing body of kickboxing, WAKO.  11 dedicated resources have been picked up from 11 different countries, they will go through a WAKO designed program aimed to prepare them for further involvement and development in our sport. WAKO needs young and fresh resources and this is a golden opportunity to both learn and share. Most of the participants are active athletes and this is exactly the point, to enable development focusing on athletes and their needs. The 1st edition of the WAKO GameChangers program finished in October 2022 at the IOC headquarter in Lausanne and all of those GameChangers are today engaged in WAKO IF Committees and highly active.

This amazing new group is composed by 6 men and 5 women from 3 continents;

Uliana Mashkova, from Ukraine

Andrea Busa, from Hungary

Alexandra Filipova, from Slovakia

Valencia Yip, from Singapore

Maria Fernanda Granado Pliego, from Mexico

Kian Golpira, from Norway

Martin Caron, from Canada

Raimonds Martinovskis, from Latvia

Conor McGlinchey, from Ireland

Tatu Maunu, from Finland

Abdulmalik Almazyad, Saudi Arabia

Tira Buyani Kittikorn, Thailand

Welcome to the team!
They will inspire and be inspired. It’s all about learning and sharing.

More information about the program can be addressed directly to WAKO 1st VP Espen Lund at

Roy Baker
WAKO IF President


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