October 9, 2007

WAKO represented by Vice-President Mr. Espen Lund will attend the SportsForum in Lausanne 26-28 November.

The aim of the IF Sports Forum is to provide an enlightening and educational package of content in various formats, specifically for the needs and issues that IFs have communicated are of most interest to them. The event will not be open to the public, but is being offered to an invitation-only list of IFs and SportAccord main sponsors.

The first year, the Forum will be organized by ASOIF (Association of Summer Sport Olympic international Sports Federations) and AIOWF (Association of International Olympic Winter Federations) in conjunction with SportAccord and will be targeted to specific needs of Olympic IF’s. It will be repeated every second year (same location/principle/format).

Every other year, the IF Sports Forum will be organized by GAISF in conjunction with SportAccord and will be more aimed at all the GAISF’s member needs.

Therefore this year, the IF Sports Forum will be organized by ASOIF and AIOWF in conjunction with SportAccord and supported by the City of Lausanne / Canton of Vaud. It will be held this year in Lausanne from the 26 to the 28 November and will focus on key subjects pertinent to the challenges facing Olympic International Federations in the next Olympic quadrennial, in particular:

• The Global Development of Sports

• The Marketing/Media/Broadcast issues for IF major events

The Programme:

Stream 1 &rdash Global Development of Sports

• Keynote by IOC Director of OS and NOC Relations, Pere Miro

• Presentations (amongst others) on training centres overview, EU coaching framework

• Workshops and case studies (amongst others) on IFs approach to training centres, athletes coaching, talent ID, etc

Stream 2 &rdash Marketing/Media/Broadcast issues for IF major events

• Keynote by Managing Director of deltatre, Paul Bristow on New Media Opportunities and Challenges for Sports

• Presentations (amongst others) on IF Event Presentation, Global Radio, TV News Access

• Workshops and case studies (amongst others) on the rights market place, media communications, etc

There will be participants from all International Sports Federations recognized by IOC but also International Sports federations recognized by GAISF. And as a GAISF recognized sport kickboxing will be represented. Mr. Espen Lund will also have separate meetings with IOC and will also have a meeting with GAISF General Director, Mrs. Christine Dominguez during the session. This is a interesting scene to both learn and build relations.

SportsForum is promotod by SportAccord that also organize its yearly International Sports Convention where all recognized international sports federations are present attending the various General Assemblies (GAISF, ASOIF, AIOWF, ARISF). Also the IOC Executive Board have their Executive meetings here. Next SportAccord will be in Athens, Greece 2-5 June 2008. WAKO will be present.

Look at or look at for the programme.

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