November 21, 2007

WAKO Press Release.

WAKO Attended WADA World Congress in Madrid Spain 15/16/17 th November.

For the first time WAKO was represented at the WADA world congress last week in Madrid . Roy Baker, the director of Anti Doping and WAKO board member was present at the three day congress.

WAKO must lead the martial arts world in Leading our sport of the scourge of doping in sport. The congress and WADA board formally adopted the new code which will come in to full effect on Jan. 1 ,2009. It will be the responsibility of Baker and the other members of the WAKO Anti Doping and Medical Committee, to ensure WAKO are fully compliant to the new code by this date.

WAKO actively participated in the drafting of the new code and several suggestions made by WAKO have been adopted in to the new code. See pictures attached.

Third World Conference on Doping in Sport concludes with a resolution accepting revisions to strengthen the World Anti-Doping Code and bolster the fight to protect athlete health and the integrity of sport

The Sports Movement and Governments of the world, at the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport (World Conference) hosted in Madrid (Spain), today adopted a resolution (Madrid Resolution) in which they renewed their joint commitment to a rigorous fight against doping in sport and approved the strengthening of the World Anti-Doping Code.

The World Conference endorsed the Revised World Anti-Doping Code (Code) in a move to advance anti-doping harmonization and programs worldwide. Since its initial adoption in 2003 by Sport and Governments as the framework for the global harmonized fight against doping in sport, the Code has proven to be a fair and effective tool for combating doping. In a meeting held prior to the World Conference’s adoption of the Madrid Resolution, the Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) unanimously approved the revisions to enhance the Code.

“The Third World Conference on Doping in Sport and the adoption of the Madrid Resolution mark a major milestone in the fight against doping,” said WADA President Richard W. Pound. “Governments and the Sport Movement have committed to taking their anti-doping efforts to the next level by leveraging their experience with the Code since 2003 and endorsing refinements to strengthen it.”

At the World Conference, organized by WADA with the support of the Spanish High Council for Sport from November 15 – 17, 2007, more than 1,500 representatives of public authorities, the Sport Movement, the anti-doping community, athletes, observers, and the media convened to review the major advances that have been made in the fight against doping since WADA’s inception in late 1999, and what strategies will be needed in the future.

“Everyone with an interest in ethical sport and the health of athletes has had the opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of the Code,” continued Pound. “It was important for us to hear from everyone and to ensure a wholly transparent and consultative process, and I congratulate all stakeholders who have played their part.”

WADA launched a process to refine the Code’s provisions and strengthen worldwide anti-doping programs in April 2006. Consultations extended over 18 months and involved 3 rounds of review with 3 successive draft revisions of the Code distributed to all stakeholders for feedback. In addition, WADA sought input from various stakeholder groups, which included initiating 40 individual meetings and 70 presentations. The process for participating in the consultations was made public and transparent via WADA’s Web site and communications to stakeholders. Each draft revision of the Code was published online along with the official submissions made by stakeholders in response to the drafts.

Sports and Governments are expected to implement the revisions to the Code by 1 January 2009.

Click here for the Madrid Resolution

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