November 15, 2012

Yesterday our president Ennio Falsoni, together with Richard Leyrer and Espen Lund, had the chance to meet and talk in Lausanne to Mr. Jacques Rogge, IOC president, who was together with Christophe Dubi, IOC Sport Director (all of them in the picture).

Meeting started at 8.40 a.m. and finished at 09.10. During the cordial meeting, president Falsoni talked about the development of Wako and its concept of kickboxing in the last 30 years, explained the achievments, the structure, the values and the mission of our organization. He also answered very positively to questions coming from Mr. Dubi and Mr. Jacques Rogge (respectively, about the international fragmentation of the sport and about the “pro” activities of the Wako) and at the end everybody was really satisfied.

Honestly, we think that Wako did everyhting possible, being a democrat and transparent organization, to fulfil all IOC criteria and obtain their official recognition. But now everything will depend on them and we can just wait to know their decision which will come at their own dicretion.

Frankly speaking, we just need to continue working and developing our Federation as we have been doing so far, and the IOC recognition will come for sure. Sooner or later.

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