WAKO Medical Rules and Changes

March 20, 2015

Dear WAKO Members,

By the present please find here below enclosed documents approved at the WAKO IF Board Meeting held on 18 th March in Istanbul, Turkey. These documents and procedures now replace any other form previously issued by WAKO.

It is really important that you distribute this documentation to your medical teams and also your Coaching teams who in turn will issue to all athletes to ensure your officials are all aware of the new documents and procedure.

WAKO Waiver Form: Must be signed by EVERY| participant at WAKO Continental – World Championships

WAKO Medical Questionnaire: Must be filled out completely and signed by every competitor at the morning of weight control and medical check

WAKO IF Medical Regulations: This relates to WAKO Continental and World Championships only, events run by WAKO IF and or its Continental or Sport Accord – World Games partners

WAKO Medical Form: This form must be signed and stamped by a qualified doctor and brought with you when presenting yourself for Medical Check and weight control. *** Special Note no group sign off is allowed, this document must be signed and stamped for every individual attending the championships***

There can be no deviation from this process, all forms must be in the official language of WAKO which is English.

In case of any query please contact Dr. Zoltan Pall, Chief of WAKO IF Medical, Health & Anti Doping Committee:


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