WAKO Mediterranean Organization

October 30, 2021

WAKO is happy to announce establishing of the regional WAKO Mediterranean Organization.

At the General Assembly which was held on 18.10.2021 in Jesolo, Italy, WAKO members from Mediterranean countries have established regional WAKO Mediterranean Organization and elected the President and members of the Board.

This initiative has been strongly supported by Mr Roy Baker, WAKO IF President and the Board members of WAKO IF, Mr Espen Lund, WAKO IF 1st Vice President and General Secretary, and the WAKO Europe President Mr Istvan KIRALY.

The most important aim of the organization is to empower kickboxing at the Mediterranean region, to develop collaboration among the national federations and to become a part of the Mediterranean Games as soon as possible.

The WAKO Mediterranean Board:

President – MR Salim KAYICI (Turkey)

1st Vice President- MR Donato MİLANO (Italy)

Vice President- MR Abdelkrim El HILALI (Morocco)

Vice President- MR Hani SAKAS (Israel)

Board Member -MR Vladimir SITAR (Slovenia)

Board Member -MR Nadir ALLOUACHE (France)

Board Member & Treasurer -MR Jesus Eguia MARIN (Spain)

Secretary General- MR Tümay ÜNAL (Turkey)



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