December 22, 2014

WAKO have been made aware of Arab Boxing PRO by FIBA recently organized in Dubai. Based on the information that WAKO obtained about the said activity we have to make all national federations member of WAKO aware of that WAKO has not approved participation in FIBA activities. In fact those activities and competitions under the flag of FIBA contain disciplines similar of or clearly is a copy of WAKO disciplines (K1 and Low-Kick). WAKO as member of SportAccord is recognized as the sole governing body in the world for the sport of Kickboxing, all disciplines included. Not to forget that WAKO Asia has been granted recognition by OCA as the body in charge of the sport of kickboxing in Asia.

Many martial art federations experience establishment of sports but for which is a clear copy of existing sports/disciplines for which we represent and many of the inventions just use another name to cover the activities. WAKO want to work in harmony with all martial art and combat sports for which is recognized or that does not have any rivalry pending issues with the existing federations. WAKO cannot see this is the case here and for WAKO this is a clear parallel activity to ours.

We have also understood there is a plan to establish and develop regional divisions organizing the FIBA activities, hereunder disciplines similar to or a clear copy of WAKO Kickboxing styles. Any categories of members of WAKO who want to develop our sport in any part of the world or for any member group, whether this is for arab countries or similar groups/countries, this must be done in collaboration with WAKO IF and WAKO continental divisions supporting the fact to strengthen the kickboxing sport and WAKO as the sole governing body.

WAKO members must follow rules and regulations for which is totally clear in terms of participation in and support of dissident activities, even though it is supported by national official authorities. WAKO will feel free to contact Dubai sport authority (Dubai Sport Council and National Olympic Committee) informing about this issue and the fact that this is a direct interference in a sport for which WAKO is the governing body in the world. In any case WAKO IF will follow up this issue accordingly.


Espen Lund
WAKO Acting President
SportAccord Council Member

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