WAKO officially included in International Fair Play Committee, CIFP

October 19, 2016

During the General Assembly conducted in Budapest on October 15th 2016, WAKO became officially included in the International Fair Play Committee, CIFP. CIFP, an organization recognized by IOC, is the worldwide organization with the aim of defensing and promotion fair play.

WAKO IF President, Mr. Borislav Pelevic says:

“The WAKO gets inspired by the idea of the Fair Play and wants in all aspects to focus on the athletes and to act preventive. Observing the worldwide development within sports, we experience that credibility is at stake on many levels. Education is everything and the WAKO wants to strengthen its effort to promote Fair Play as an important educative tool within our movement. Our objective is that Fair Play will be a natural part of the behavior through activities, using best practices, cherish initiatives and create involvement and understanding. Fair Play enabled through actions is not only important for our athletes but also important for our entourage. So, let’s have a goal to be best example using simple methods but yet creating important results”.

Fair Play Committee President, Mr. Jenö Kamuti from Hungary, re-elected as President on the October 14th for the four years mandate, congratulated The WAKO for the initiatives taken and all the inspiration in WAKO activities he experienced during the last World Cadets and Junior Championship in Dublin, Ireland in August.

The WAKO also attended as a guest the World Fair Play Award Ceremony held in Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest where awards for 2015 were announced.

The WAKO expresses huge thanks to CIFP for its friendly attitude and for making us welcome in this important organization.



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