WAKO President’s Newsletter – February 2021

March 11, 2021


Please find here below attached the WAKO President’s Newsletter for the month of February 2021 .

Please take note, we expect that presidents or general secretaries of all the National Federations WAKO members report regularly on activities in their federations.
We are especially interested in sports events, championships and other tournaments, preparation of national teams, kickboxing and Anti-Doping education of athletes, coaches, judges and other members as well as cooperation and meetings with sports bodies.
Please send a short news together with two photos or a poster of the competition to the following addresses:

Marijana Pelevic – – WAKO Media Office
Romeo Desa – – WAKO Technical Director

WAKO and its members carry out many different sport activities, educational and other activities and it is very important that we inform all of our members, but also world and continental sports institutions.

We also expect that all presidents send the monthly WAKO Newsletter to all of its members – clubs and individual members.
It is also highly recommended to send the Newsletter to the Ministries of Sports or the National Olympic Committees, in fact it is very important to inform sports institutions about our large scale of sports activities, which is also good promotion of our sport and a good presentation of your federation to other national and international sports bodies.

So please send your news by e-mail to the above indicated contacts!

Thank you very much in advance for cooperation.

All previous editions of the WAKO President’s Newsletter starting from January 2020 can be downloaded from WAKO website at the following dedicated section ” WAKO Newsletters “.

Best regards,

WAKO Administration


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