WAKO PRO prestige fight in Full Contact Kg -60 in Astana (Kazakhstan)

May 17, 2015

WAKO Asian Pro fight in full contact -60 Kg was held in Astana (Kazakhstan) on 15th May 2015 between Mr. Abeal DUYUSUPA, from WAKO Kazakhstan Kickboxing Federation, and Mr. A’Day Ali Abdulraheem Abdhasoah, from Jordan Kickboxing Federation. The fight was a prestige fight in five rounds of 2 minutes counting for qualification to WAKO ASIA Pro Title, as the title was vacant. Final decision was a split decision 2 to 1 for Mr. Abeal DUYUSUPA, who could obtain 10 points increasing his score in WAKO PRO list ranking from 30 to 40 points and accordingly he became the WAKO PRO Asian Champion in -60 Kg Full Contact.


Central Referee – MUHITOV TALAT (Kazakhstan)
Judge № 1 – LAKHTIKOV YURY (Estonia)
Judge № 2 – EUN-CHEON JEONG (Korea)
Judge № 3 – KACPERSKI KRZYSTOV (Poland)

winner by split decision (49:48; 49:48; 47:48) and WAKO PRO ASIA CHAMPION in FULL CONTACT -60 kg is DUYSYPOV ABZAL from Kazakhstan.

following the verdict Mr. Abeal DUYUSUPA declared to be ready to put his new WAKO PRO Asian title in challenge for fight in 10 rounds of 2 minutes according to WAKO PRO rules.

At the same event, there were also various other prestige fights including -51 Kg Low Kick, Abdulhaleq Alsaemary from Iraq against Kazak fighter.

Mr. Salim Kayici, WAKO IF Acting President, was present attending the successfull event and thanked warmly everybody involved in the organization of a successfull Kickboxing night in Astana.

The event was organized thanks to the long lasting collaboration between Mr. Nasser Nassiri, Vice President of WAKO (IF), President of WAKO Asia, and Mr. Tastanbek Yessentayev Kazakhstan Kickboxing Federation leader.

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