May 5, 2011

The WAKO World Grand Prix, started for Hungarian initiative, turned out to be a great success and more and more countries and supporters join to the series of events that contain individual WAKO K-1 Rules fights as per sample of team sports. The event was held in Budapest (Hungary), Laszlo Papp Sportarena with 6000 spectators and the participation of the teams composed of the best fighters of Hungary and Coatia in WAKO K-1 Rules on 1st May night.

In the first three fights 60 kgs, 67 kgs and 75 kgs the Hungarian fighetrs won by K.O. and scoring.
By these successful fights the Hungarian team won the competition agains Croatia.
In the following two fights the Croatian fighters got the victory by scoring in 81 kgs and 94 kgs.

Official results:
60 kgs: Tamas Birics (HUN) &rdash Dino Kavara (CRO) 1:0 (KO1)
67 kgs: Gabor Gorbics (HUN) &rdash Mario Katic (CRO) 2:0 (KO2)
75 kgs: Barna Szucs (HUN) &rdash Ivan Stupalo (CRO) 3:0 (3:0)
81 kgs: Denes Racz (HUN) &rdash Luka Simic (CRO) 3:1 (1:2)
94 kgs: Tibor Nagy (HUN) &rdash Toni Milanovic (CRO) 3:2 (0:3)

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