WAKO social media challenge

April 27, 2020

Do you know what kickboxers are doing to stay active during almost two months of lock-down?
They train at home! To make it more fun, they are challenging friends to do the same using Social media.

Our first-class athlete, 10 times World Champion Zsolt Moradi was training at home and didn’t need a lot of equipment to have a productive training and to keep his top form.

Zsolt made a short video of his favorite kick and shared it with WAKO fans, but not only that: he challenged three top WAKO fighters to do the same! Three plus three, and in a short time we will have online handbook how to become a champion!

What you have to do if you are challenged:
– record 30 sec video doing your favorite kickboxing exercise at home
– challenge and tag 3 of your friends
– post your video on your FB or IG using hashtags:
#WAKOchallenge #WAKOwillbeReady

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