Welcome WAKO new coach in Zaatary Refugee Camp!

July 3, 2023
Mohammad Montaser Ahmad Alhariri is WAKO’s new coach ambassador in Zaatary refugee camp in Jordan.
He is from the city Daraa from Syria and is 20 years old. He has been in the camp since 2012. He is a student in the Camp ad he started learning self defense 7 years ago and he is a great example of volunteerism since the last two years he has been teaching kids. It is a pleasure to introduce this great person, working to train, motivate and coach kids in the Refugee Camp under very special circumstances.
With experience of the great work of the first WAKO coach Ali Hussein, WAKO is lucky to have recruited a new solid person as the ambassador for our great sport.
Thank you Mohammad for being part of WAKO team and thank you to WAKO coaches Gianpaolo Calajo and Silvia Librizzi who have inspired and handpicked the best team.

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