April 7, 2008

Italian Kickboxing Federation, promoting our next World Cadet/Junior Championships in Naples, from 19th to 27th September 2008, have sent out to all WAKO members their first postal card regarding the event.

The competitions will start on Wednesday, September 24th to finish on 27th, so to allow all participants to travel on Sunday.

We will have 10 fighting areas (7 tatamis, size 8×8 s.m., and 3 boxing rings) working at the same time, to speed up the tournament. They have planned to have competitions finishing every day at 2.00 p.m. so to allow everybody enjoying the sport village or going sightseeing. The idea is to grant a perfect organization, a beautiful tournament and enjoy Naples and surroundings which are always worth a visit. Sport and intelligent tourism: a perfect combination.


Poster of the Event

Retro Cover

Touristic information


Newsletter of the event in pdf

Entry Papers file in zip download in word

Event website

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